Submission / 提交表格

* All fields in a form are required / 須填寫所有欄位


Please upload the attachment (i.e.: Presentation Powerpoint (.ppt), a valid business registration, Style Guide) 請上傳附加文件 (如:簡報檔案(.ppt)、有效的商業登記證、 角色指南等)。

File Format: All the attachments must be uploaded to a secure cloud storage platform (such as Google drive, Dropbox, 騰訊微雲, 百度雲, etc…) with a URL for secretariat to download the files. Please write down the URL link in space provided. 提交檔案規格: 所有附加文件必須存取在安全的雲端平台上(如:Google drive, Dropbox, 騰訊微雲, 百度雲…等),然後分享一個連結網址(URL)以供秘書處下載所有檔案,請把該URL貼在以下空格內。